US Navy History and Tradition:  1772-1778
US Navy History and Tradition:  1782-1817
US Navy History and Tradition:  1817-1861
US Navy History and Tradition:  1861-1865
US Navy History and Tradition:  1865-1936
US Navy History and Tradition:  1940-1945

These six pages contain 136 scans from the US Government pamphlet series Navy History and Tradition. It was published in the late 1950's and early 1960's by the Stokes Walesby Co., and was given away free at US Navy recruiting offices. While the prose is as dismal as one would expect from a propaganda comic book, the art is exceptional. Famed graphic artist Fred Freeman paid great care to historical accuracy and detail in its drafting. While the narration, by writers Theodore Roscoe and Stokes Walesby, does not match the art in either inspiration nor accuracy, the dates can be relied upon and the illustrations really deserve a look. HINT: Wait for the page to load completely before deleting the annoying little pop-up and side boxes; the price one pays for a 'free' web site.

The United States Marines

The PT 51 HMS Glorious Admiral Graff Spee

Countdown To Pearl Harbor

Geert Kastein

Lt. Sam Magill

Four Chaplains

Lest We Forget

Misc. Navy Facts

Misc. Military Facts

Misc. Infantry Facts

Misc. Air Force Facts

General Lucian Truscott

Jacques-Philippe LeClerc

Ensign Warren C. Burgess

Constance Babington Smith

Sink the Bismarck

Grand Admiral Erich Raeder

Grand Admiral Karl Doenitz

Rocket Plane

Aircraft of Uranus

Aircraft Carrier

Rocket Warship

Lt. Alfred Schreiber's Me 262

The Road to Space

Journey Into Space

Aviation of Tomorrow

Spaceship Take-Off

V For The V-Bomb

Satellite Space Ship Station

Aircraft of the Future

First Trip to the Moon

A Round Trip To Mars

First Rocket To The Moon

Can V-2 Be Improved

Push For Pushbutton Warfare

How You'll Fly to the Moon

Destination Moon

Robert Heinlein

Our Turbulant Atmosphere - 1

Our Turbulant Atmosphere - 2

Big Eye for the Generals

Birth of the Space Station

Those Clumsy Steps

There's A Missile...Aimed At You!

The Day After We Land on Mars

Missing Ingrediant

Who'll Own the Planets

Is There Life on Mars?

International Geophysical Year

Outer Space

So You Want To Go To The Moon

The Face on Mars

Why Mars?

Orbit Around The Sun

Cosmic Lifeboat

Assembling a Space Station

The End of the Jet Age

Progress Report: Super V-2

Science Fiction is Too Conservative

Are We Going To Build a Space Station?

For Your Information

Man on the Moon

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